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A Letter to My Mom, The Late Mother Mary Ridley by Maria McKinsey

The Late Mother Mary Ridley

The Late Mother Mary Ridley

Dearest Mommie,

This day marks the date you physically left me, 23 years ago. I just want to let you know that my heart will always hold a special place for you, the place where love resides.

I remember your beautiful smile and oh so many kind words, encouraging me and a myriad of young ladies.  It’s no wonder why the town we lived in dedicated this day to you. Even though you were physically beautiful, your heart was much more attractive. You looked at everyone as your own, as you touched our souls with respect and appreciation. What a legacy! You taught me that a woman’s most beautiful asset ever is charisma and her prettiest accessory is her smile. We all can have this quality. With prayers and supplications, come hills or valleys, my hope is to continue this legacy.

Guess what Mom, you’d be proud to know that Angela, your beautiful granddaughter is following suit. She’s a strong woman and is bringing about change for all women in our communities, and by faith, the world. In fact, we’re working together to help this desire become reality, letting all women know, it’s “A Woman’s Business” to help fulfill one another’s purpose, not backbiting, not competing, but building up and edifying.

As you clearly spoke to me as being your treasure, she is definitely my treasure. I can truly say, my hope is being fulfilled, and it’s becoming a tree of life to me and to many others.  I am proud to call her daughter and friend.

You set ths stage for this special bond and the story is playing out beautifully. Love is trickling to a great granddaughter, Olivia Simone.  Stay tuned for the finale!

Thank you for your nurturing and loving “stay sweet” spirit; “till that timeless place when we’re face to face and we embrace for always.”

All my love,

Your daughter,



Maria McKinsey

Maria McKinsey

Maria McKinsey is the proud daughter of Mary Ridley, mother of Angela M. Brown and grandmother of KJ and Olivia Brown.  Known for her sweetness, compassion and heart for service, like her mother, she’s passing on a strong legacy of love for and service to God and your neighbors to her children and children’s children.  For a closer look at this Heart of a Woman, follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “A Letter to My Mom, The Late Mother Mary Ridley by Maria McKinsey


    Amen! Blessed me tremendously at the Tea to hear so many on the panel reference legacy. We carry the dreams of our mother’s as we stand on the shoulders of giants. I too am the recipient of the wisdom and earnest intercession of a grandmother who refused to quit on me, even when all else failed. Thank you for your obedience to share your heart!

  2. Vondalai Hill

    I love your story and too have lost my Mother. 5 months to the date, my mother passed away from this earth. Her Sunshine that she embodied, flows thru my veins and is Blossoming more and more in the essence of my soul and this warms my heart knowing, that she is with me always.

  3. Sharon Sadler

    Maria, this is such a beautifull letter and trubute to your mother. She truly has left an amazing legacy. You , your children and your grandchildren are truly an inspiration to all who know you. You’re kind and nurturing spirit I’m sure is a reflection of your mother’s love. Thank you for sharing and continuing her work!


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