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My first and only love by Zandi Mqwathi

love-inspirational-dailyHow many of us have a collection of books that we bought months or years ago but never really got around to reading them or finish to the end? Or those that we kind of skimmed through all because we couldn’t bring ourselves to read every page.

Well, I have a lot of those books and lately I felt led to re-read one of my novels by Michelle McKinney Hammond titled Playing God. I still think that this one of the best novels because of the way she manages to use her character’s stories to teach and to raise awareness about the power of our choices. As women who are seeking the will of God in our lives, we sometimes get seduced out of the presence of God, allowing our phones to take first priority in the morning when instead of praying we reach to read the latest updates on Facebook, Instagram and check our messages.

In short, we have to stop “Playing God” and commit to Him as our first and only true love. I discovered this while glazing through the first pages of my recent companion (Playing God) when I came across this scripture:

“A person’s own folly leads to their ruin, yet their heart rages against the LORD.” Proverbs 19:3 (NIV)

Since English is not my first language, I felt compelled to check the meaning of certain words such as folly and rage.

Yah! Ne? What my own translation gave me was “a woman’s own lack of judgment ruins her own life yet her heart gets angry at the LORD.” How many times have you found yourself struggling to believe God and his promises just because you felt otherwise? Remember two cannot walk together unless they agree and out the well of the heart the mouth speaks. Most of us are so angry, ready to blaze fumes of anger towards our families, friends, partners and sadly our Heavenly Father just because of poor choices that we’ve made because we didn’t put God first.

May we be diligent and seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and trust that as He promises, all other things will be added to us. At least that’s the prayer of my heart that God may grant me good judgment and my hunger be satisfied in Him daily. Jesus is after all the most faithful, loving, kind, gentle man that I have known and he is truly my first love.

image01Zandile Mqwathi is a dynamic young leader residing in Soweto, South Africa with passion to empower girls and young women. Currently a full time scholar at Drama for Life, Wits School of Arts in the field of Applied Theatre and Drama, Zandi is working towards an Advanced Diploma in Arts while serving as a blogger for the International Press Service (IPS) and a part time consultant for Soul City Institute.