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A Good Woman Never Goes Out of Style by Qiana Cressman

“Fashion fades; only style remains the same.”  Coco Chanel

“Fashion fades; only style remains the same.” Coco Chanel

In the fashion industry, there are trends that fade and classics that remain throughout generations.  The Bible discusses an inner beauty that never fades or diminishes in value. This unfading beauty is developed by living the life God designed you to live.

Motherhood is classic–it remains throughout every generation. It represents the part of woman that nurtures, bears fruit and cultivates. As women, we can display those attributes in any relationship. Whether you are single, married, have a large or small family, have children or not, the role of motherhood applies to each of us.

So, what does the essence of motherhood look like? What are the classic attributes of a good woman?

She prioritizes. Proverbs 24:27 (AMP) reads, “Put first things first.” In prioritizing well, God must be first in everything. He will show you how to establish a strong inner life that precedes a powerful public life.

She’s confident. A good woman is not a people pleaser. She loves unconditionally, but she doesn’t shrink in fear of being misunderstood. Jesus was the most famous, widely celebrated and rejected person all at the same time. Focus on God’s direction and tailor-made plan for your life. Don’t be distracted by misperceptions of who others think you should be. Be a Designer’s original.

She’s trustworthy. She is clothed in integrity and honor–those are her most valued name brands. She’s not flawless, but she has a pure heart and is committed to honoring her word and valuing what is sacred.

She’s a visionary. Proverbs 31:25 (AMP) says, “She rejoices over the future [the latter day or time to come, knowing that she and her family are in readiness for it]!” She has vision for her life and the influence granted to her. If you don’t have a vision from God regarding the influence He’s given you, you’ll abuse that influence.

She’s courageous. Walking by faith and not by sight requires courage and resilience. Obstacles become her greatest stepping stones.

She’s wise. Her life is guided by wisdom, not emotions. Proverbs 4:7(KJV) says, “Wisdom is the principle thing.” If you find yourself constantly drained and overwhelmed, make sure you’re not being guided by emotions. God’s wisdom is always fitting for you.

She’s nurturing. The fabric of her character is accessorized by generosity, creating a sense of family and unity.  She deposits life-bearing words and deeds in the lives of others.

She’s consistent. A life led by peace breeds consistency in everything you do. God always sees the bigger picture. Colossians 3:15 (AMP) reads, “And let the peace (soul harmony which comes) from Christ rule (act as umpire continually) in your hearts [deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds].” Your legacy is defined by what you do or have done consistently. Create the life changing legacy God fashioned for you!

47722_10150259787085500_4660800_n-211x300Qiana Cressman is a contributing writer for the “Heart of a Woman” weekly blog. She is a lover of life, people and writing. Qiana serves as a passionate spokesperson and community relations manager for an international humanitarian organization. Happily married, she resides in Pennsylvania with her loving husband, Terry, and their adorable puppy. Connect with Qiana on Twitter (@QCressman).

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Hi Mom! Yes, you! This One’s For You by Renee A. Simons

il_570xN.593091337_hi6gAs I sit on my living room floor typing this article, I feel crazy and overwhelmed with the many things I have to accomplish within the last three usable hours of my day.  Now in my humble opinion, I should really feel like superwoman–I’ve just finished making dinner, my house is fairly clean, and the laundry is separated and ready to be tossed into the machines.  I even have two balls of dough chilling in the fridge, just ready to be spread out into crust for a homemade Very Berry pie (yay!).

Yet, instead of relishing my to-do list accomplishments, I sit here, feeling sick with worry.  That little photo of Beyoncé floating around social media suddenly pops into my head.  Under the picture of the blonde bombshell read the words; “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé.”  As if to say, all of us “regular folks” are not only absolutely capable of getting everything done within a 24-hour period, but we should be doing all of the many things in our lives with ease, just like the world’s number one pop star.  I shake my head, thinking to myself, Beyoncé does do it all AND she’s a mother! I can barely get any of it done, and I don’t even have children yet! 

Then I quickly remember that Beyoncé has babysitters, bodyguards, personal stylists and an entire team of people being paid to make her life rainbows and butterflies. For a brief moment, I mentally give Beyoncé and the creator of the graphic a pass.  I shouldn’t measure myself or my life against hers anyway, as this leads back to the comparison trap that we spoke about in the former post, “Out of the Shadows, Into Your Own Purpose.”  As we discussed then, when we compare ourselves to others, we end up with more discord in our lives, forgetting how uniquely wonderful God made us to be!

However, with all of these thoughts, it still becomes extremely evident how little I know about the role of being a mother and how much my life’s daily activities would change when, Lord willing, I become one.  Even more so, although I am not a mother just yet, motherhood is the responsibility of all women, whether you have biological children or not.  All women should exemplify motherly qualities to nieces and nephews, children of friends, and even mentees.  It is our responsibility as women to recognize the importance of refining our roles as mothers to all!

Drawing on the “Legacy of Motherhood” theme of our upcoming Power To Be Tea, my request is that mothers and motherly figures pass on their knowledge to other women!  It is vital that we stick together, especially in this, as our future generations depend on us.  With all of life’s crazy occurrences, we need each other, even if just to vent.  Sharing motherhood tips in this type of forum will be beneficial to future moms, new mommies, and mothers to be.

Below, I’ve listed a few great quotes from “30 Best Things You Can Do for Your Kids.”  As we embrace the reality and responsibility that all women are mothers, share your wisdom with us!  And tell us, what will your legacy be to the next generation of women? images

“I teach my daughters never to be afraid of looking foolish if they really believe in something. I love being innovative, and my goal is to inspire my girls to believe in themselves and not worry about what other people think. By teaching them to embrace personal style, they’re stretching their strengths and abilities and ultimately gaining confidence.”  RACHEL ROYfashion designer

“You have to remember that children are newcomers to the world. They didn’t come bringing any information, so they need to learn as much as possible. The best way to do that is by reading so that you know as much as possible. Then make up a story about Europe, the queen of England, a king in Sweden. No matter what it’s about, if you make a story exciting enough, they’ll be inspired to go out and learn more.” MAYA ANGELOUpoet and author

“Showing your children how to properly shake a person’s hand, look someone in the eye, and be polite to everyone will help them now and later in life. As the old Head and Shoulders commercial goes, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression,’ and I really think that’s true!”  KATIE COURICABC News special correspondent, host of Katie, and author of The Best Advice I Ever Got

“Even at a young age, children respond to the idea of giving back. It’s important for you to support and supervise their efforts, but it’s essential that you let them do the work. When you teach them to help others with their own hands, you’re giving them the beginnings of a joyful lifetime habit, and you’re making the world a better place.” ANNA MARIA CHáVEZCEO of Girl Scouts of the USA

photo-300x300-300x300-300x300Renee A. Simons is a lifestyle writer and member of the AWB Network, serving as a blogger for the “Heart of a Woman” weekly blog. Her loves include family, friends, design arts and fashion. She also has a growing obsession with hair and its impact on today’s media, culture and community. Renee resides in South Philadelphia with her overprotective (yet sweet!) cat, Amani. Her quirky personal stories, plus hair and beauty product reviews, can be found on her blog “Curls and Clothes” (, as well as the websites of Old School 100.3 and Praise 103.9 Philadelphia radio stations. Connect with Renee on Twitter and Instagram @StyleSkinny.

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Fruit for Thought: Do It for the Vine! by Krystal Pleasant

imagesSome of the best fruits grow on a vine–melons, berries, and grapes, to name a few. These are also some of the healthiest fruits you can eat and are pretty easy to pair with most meals. But have you ever thought about the growth process of these fruits? Growing fruit on a vine takes work and special care. Each type of vine has its own individual requirements and needs a structure to climb. Instead of growing out, vines grow up!

Consider your relationships with other women–your mother, sisters, friends, coworkers–don’t these relationships also require a bit of work and attention? Are you growing in the same direction? Some of my best and worst relationships have been with the closest women in my life. There have even been times when I’ve cried and isolated myself in an attempt to “protect the heart” over a girlfriend’s betrayal or a sister’s lack of loyalty, but my heart just hardened instead. I wrapped myself up in the business of being busy and distracted myself from the work of maintaining relationships.

It may not be easy, but here is how you can get started in developing fruitful relationships. Read Galatians 5:22-23: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. Nourish yourself with the fruits of the Spirit. Practicing these traits will transform your words and behavior so that you can be the necessary support to your sister-friends.

What does it look like to practice the fruits of the Spirit in your daily life?

Love: Love is ACTION. Don’t just say that you love your friends, show them. Send a card, write a letter, cook a meal, etc. Show that you really love and value the women in your life!

Joy: Laughter is medicine. Reminisce with your friends, and share funny stories. You should find humor in something every day!

Peace: Give yourself a time out. Turn off the phone, shut down the computer, and give yourself absolute stillness, even if its just five minutes a day. Having inner peace helps you have better interactions with others.

Longsuffering: Patience, my friend. This is not my strongest area, but I am working on it. Practice being patient with people in your life. Don’t jump to conclusions; just listen and be patient.

Gentleness: How do you confront your friend with a problem? Do as Ephesians 4:15 says: Speak the truth in love.

Goodness: It’s easy to assume the worst, but remember that you are connected to each person for a reason. See the good in people and situations, and you’ll see goodness and mercy follow you everywhere you go.

Faith: Pray about it! That’s the last thing you want to hear when you’re dealing with difficulties, but it’s the best thing you can do. Pray more, read more, and BELIEVE. Watch as your words and behavior transform.

Meekness: It takes humility to serve someone who wronged you. But I dare you to do something this week for that person. In fact, look at the situation from their point of view instead of your own.

Temperance: Have self control and hold your tongue when you feel the urge to say something negative. You will notice how negative thoughts will be replaced with positive words.

Do it for the vine, and experience a bloom in your life and the lives of others. What fruits are most challenging for you?

Krystal PleasantKrystal Pleasant is a member of the AWB Network, serving as a social media and public relations specialist, as well as a contributing writer for the “Heart of a Woman” weekly blog. She is passionate about helping people! She loves planning parties and events, baking, and spending time with the people she loves. Krystal teaches English as a second language to Spanish and Portuguese speaking adults. Happily married, she resides in New Jersey with her loving husband, Rashad, and their two very enthusiastic toddlers, Reagan and Ethan. Connect with Krystal on Twitter via @krystalpleasant.


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