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Put on Your Red Cape by Lu Ann Cahn

When was the last time you donned your "red cape"?

When was the last time you donned your “red cape”?

A friend of mine recently sent me this picture of herself posing in public in her superwoman cape. I laughed, of course, at her daring audacity but it got me thinking.  We all have worn “the red cape”. We all have done courageous things in our lives; stepped up to do the right thing, faced a fear, achieved goals, stood back up after defeat or crisis.

Yet, sometimes we forget where that person went. Sometimes we lose our best selves. Sometimes we get stuck and don’t know how to get back to the person we know and want to be. We forget how to wear our “red cape” and bravely go exactly where we want to go.

Anyone can get stuck. I understand that. I’ve been there. I was a national, award-winning journalist and found myself, seven years ago, rejecting and fearing change. I isolated myself. I put up walls. I stopped learning, growing and doing new things. I lost my best self for awhile.

I was ashamed too. I’m a two-time cancer survivor and I understand how precious life is and yet I just wasn’t enjoying my days. I was going through the motions, miserable, angry, no “red cape”.

You are lucky in your life if you have friends or family who will call you out when you aren’t “you”. My daughter did that for me. She dared me to go on a journey to get my life “unstuck”; a journey that changed my life. She dared me, for a year, to do something new every single day: polar bear plunge, eat a scorpion, hula hoop. Sounds a little crazy, right?

It was. But sometimes we have to really shake things up to get back to our best selves. I guess you could say I had to get up every morning and force myself to “put on the red cape”; face a new challenge, take risks large and small.

Let me tell you, life got “unstuck” in a hurry. In the end, I made a pretty daring leap from my 40-year career in broadcast news to become an author, speaker and career coach to thousands of media and communication students at Temple University. I hear from people all over the world who share their daring stories with me and tell me about the change they are creating in their lives.

Today I get to dare students and teach audiences across the country how to get “unstuck”, dare themselves to take risks, make mistakes, play close to the edge of your comfort zone as often as possible, to wear the “red cape” every day.

I have to thank my red cape wearing friend, Ruth, for giving me the visual to inspire new words and I can’t wait to dare you to “fly”.

When was the last time you donned your “red cape” boldly doing something you would have never done before?  Share your dreams with us in the comment section, then stir up the courage to achieve them at the 2016 Power To Be Tea featuring remarks by Lu Ann Cahn!

Lu Ann Cahn

Lu Ann Cahn

Lu Ann Cahn is a veteran broadcast journalist who twice battled and overcame two forms of cancer to pen the inspirational memoir “I Dare Me” chronicling her year-long journey to push herself to take on a new challenge everyday. The result was a courageous leap of faith, leaving a “dream” job to dare students and teach audiences across the country how to get “unstuck!”  Follow Lu Ann on Twitter and Facebook, then meet her at the 2016 Power To Be Tea on May 7th.  Get your tickets today!

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