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“Who Makes You Whole?” by Angela M. Brown


“A good man is hard to find.”

“You complete me.”

“Love Wins!”

“And they lived happily ever after…” 

[Insert sound of scratched record]

How many times have you heard and rehearsed these messages like a broken record, only to have your groove interrupted like someone bumped the DJ table ? What happens when the dreams dancing around in your head about “the one” remain just beyond your grasp, or worse—you find them, only to discover they’re a nightmare?!?!

EVERY girl around the world has her identity shaped by the idea that she is incomplete unless she’s in a relationship with a man. Knowingly and unknowingly we venture out on a quest to find our “prince charming” to save us, protect us, provide for us, cover us, love us—only to disappoint us.

Then after the men in our lives disappoint, in spite of sincere attempts by many to live up to our expectations, we vow to live life alone, professing, “I can do bad all by myself,” or for some, fall into the arms of another woman, hoping she will hold you up where he has let you down.

Single, married, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender—we all have holes—damaged esteems that skew how we see ourselves and relate to God and one another. The only solution is, as I heard so eloquently stated recently, “to rest the weight of our lives upon the lover of our souls.”

Every misplaced attempt to fill our holes with affections towards or from another person will only result in bigger holes and more disappointment. God is perfect love and only God can make us whole.


Angela M. Brown

Angela M. Brown

Founder of A Woman’s Business and contributing writer to the Heart of a Woman weekly blog designed to inspire and challenge us to live in the fullness of our purpose, power and position as women, Angela M. Brown is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, auntie, friend, mentor, PR executive, author, commentator, motivational speaker and community leader—a woman recognized for making a difference and inspiring others to do the same. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter and discover tales of her journey on the “road less traveled” and the tools she’s gathered along the way turning obstacles into opportunities in “Resilience, Living Life By Design.”

2 thoughts on ““Who Makes You Whole?” by Angela M. Brown

  1. Verba

    Thank you Angela. What came to my mind while reading this was a statement Peter made and I paraphrase, “Where else shall I go. Only you have the words of eternal life.” Only Jesus can make me whole…”I am complete in Him.”


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